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Computational Fluid Dynamics Service Offerings

In the past, we have frequently outsourced computational fluid dynamics tasks to specialized companies. Due to cost constraints and project budgets, only a select few clients were willing to pay for the additional service. These clients were vastly associated with mission critical facilities such as data centers and other specialized environmental controlled spaces.

The truth is, many applications can greatly benefit from the use of CFD such as the following:

  • Smoke Control

  • Radiant Cooling and Heating Systems

  • Indoor Comfort

  • Indoor Air Quality

  • Local Exhaust Ventilation

  • Hydronic Mixing and Decoupling

  • Outdoor Wind Velocity Considerations

  • Much More!

DMG made the decision, to not only incorporate CFD into our in-house design workflow, but strive to make the service accessible for clients operating non-critical facilities, and fellow engineering firms alike.

After much research, we have settled on utilizing SimScale Software for in-house simulation services. SimScale is the only software developer to offer a totally web-based CFD solution with highly skilled technical staff on hand for real time quality control and support.

Part of making the service accessible is making it affordable. Being able to utilize a web-based software package significantly reduces computation time and increases productivity. This aspect, along with leveraging cloud services in lieu of on premises infrastructure, results in cost savings that we pass to our clients.

Our goal is to develop simulation workflows that target your needs, assure capital is spent wisely, and add value through risk mitigation. Plus it looks pretty cool....

It's our hope that once you work with us and experience the benefits of the technology you'll continue to depend on DMG and SimScale for all your simulation needs. For general simulation inquiries or to discuss your project email

Checkout SimScale here for more information on software capabilities.


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