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Staying Safe and Sane as We "Shelter-in-Place" and Get Ready for PA to "Open".

Governor Wolfe has just extended Shelter-In-Place until May 8th. There have been so many interesting suggestions of things to do while sheltering; from yoga/meditation to volunteering to learning a new language or skill. We cleaned our closets and drawers and organized basements and garages. We now have time to do a puzzle or play games during the week; or watch movies and enjoy being home. But after a month, most of us are more than ready to re-enter the world. We miss seeing family and friends, going out, and even miss the office and school. After a month, staying safe - and sane - may not be as easy as we thought.

Shopping has become an event. Lines are formed outside the store; six-feet marks are placed for shoppers to stand on. We are learning how to make homemade face masks. Who would have thought that the Today Show would have a segment on "How to Shop Safely for Groceries". Online shopping is preferred and we are all going to Amazon, and other sites to get what we need... and now want because of what we are seeing from all the advertisements appearing due to our extra online presence.

We watch the news more. We were shocked when the NY Stock Exchange closed the trading floor and were anxious to see how the stock market adjusted to working from home as many of us had begun to do. We watch to see if the cases are slowing or growing; and how finances are reacting to the day's news events. We go on line to learn if we can collect benefits whether it's SBA or state business loans, unemployment or other benefits offered by private or charitable groups. We listen to the president's nightly briefings and we hope for an end to the virus. We learn of testing facilities being opened, like the one at Mohegan Sun Pocono Arena at Casey Plaza. You need to pre-register for testing.

Saturday's concert One World Together At Home was on most every channel and on multiple streaming media. We saw the artists' homes and families and saw/heard their incredible talent. There were so many appearances... from Lady Gaga to the Muppets in support of our healthcare providers, emergency responders, grocery and store workers; our essential workers.

It's been a different kind of April. I'm sure none of us have washed our hands so often! But now May is coming and hopefully it will bring the beginning of the end to COVID19. There are a number of states that are "opening for business" as early as next week. has a three-phase plan in place for Opening Up America.

So what do we do to get ready to enter the world again?

Those states who are opening they are setting guidelines. Face masks while shopping. Social Distancing. Socializing in groups of less than 10. Pretty much those of Phase One in Opening Up America. It will alter our lives and change the way we do things; now and in the future.

Hopefully, the second and third phases will come by summer. While we enjoy spending time with family and friends and look forward to it, I bet you never thought you would be awaiting the return to a day that you could go to a public place or just enjoy a meal out with your family and friends.

We hope that you have remained safe during this unprecedented time and hope to see you in person... soon. Be Well!

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