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Taking the fear out of Halloween for Facility Managers

Various shades of bright red and orange leaves invade our world as the air grows cooler by the day. The arrival of autumn means Halloween is approaching us. Halloween is a holiday many of us can't get enough of every year. It's all about the rush you get from being scared! But for facilities and building managers, the thought of being frightened this time of year is not fun or a rush.

These individuals are always wondering what the next issue could possibly be around the corner. A pipe bursting? HVAC not working properly? Facility Managers are always looking to stay organized be and one step ahead of potential issues. Walking around in fear of the next issue can be draining.

Below is a list of top ranking complaints that facility and building managers receive and are asked to address quickly. One way to take the fear out of a Facility Manager’s daily life is to be proactive on these points.

· It's too Hot (HVAC)

· It's too Cold (HVAC)

· Poor Indoor Air Quality (HVAC)

· Cost of facility operations

· Lack of space

· Time required to complete construction and renovation projects

· Cleanliness and image of the facility

· Inadequate parking

· Computer problems

· Excessive noise level/too noisy

Some of these issues can never be addressed without major renovations, such as lack of space or inadequate parking. Other issues, such as computer problems, may not be a facility manager’s responsibility. It is good to have a partner to help you with the issues that need to be addressed.

Design Management Group is a full service consulting engineering firm which strives to find synergies between facility infrastructure and building systems. DMG will work with you on a project-to-project basis to provide the engineering support you need, when you need it.

We can help to ensure you comply with codes, optimize safety, and control your costs. We understand your need to move fast and cover every aspect of your building(s). DMG provides Mechanical (HVAC), Plumbing, Fire Protection, Electrical, Technology and Utility Services, including Design and Commissioning.

So as the cooler air creeps in and the trees fall into their long winter sleep, reach out to us and we'll have a discussion to help take the fear out of your daily routine.

Happy Halloween from DMG!

Check out what services DMG has to offer and hopefully we can work together soon!

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