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We Believe

We Believe

Successful projects stem from enjoyable and healthy relationships. From pre-design through operation our goal is simple: to provide a high quality product while fostering long lasting and synergistic partnerships.

We Achieve

We Achieve This By

Listening. Truly understanding your goals, our role on your team, and how we can add value is critical to providing relevant solutions the first time. Some problems are straight forward, but most are not. Out of the box answers to out of the norm problems. That's what we do.

We Can Offer

We Can Offer Diverse Products

Because our approach is universally simple and our knowledge base is large. Being honest, dependable and proficient has served us well and we're extremely proud to hold those values.

We Are

building systems, smarter

We Are DMG
rick (002).jpg

Diverse experience in multiple vertical markets, with extensive experience in data centers and testing.  Custom Distribution Automation, Coordination Studies, Arc Flash Risk Assessments, and Critical Power Solutions are only a few of the ways Rick is... 

building systems, smarter

Richard D. Gerrity PE
Electrical Engineer
kurt (002).jpg

From plant to plug, Kurtis has experience across the entire spectrum, specializing in utility applications and emergency generation solutions.  Technology and data center design are only a  few of the ways Kurtis is... 

building systems, smarter

Kurtis J. Searing PE RCDD

Electrical Engineer
ryan new cropped.jpg

With design, construction and commissioning experience, Ryan understands all aspects of your project. Mechanical, automation and energy solutions are only a a few of the ways Ryan is... 

building systems, smarter

Ryan J. Wanko PE CEM LEED AP

Mechanical Engineer

A strong team: get to know us and what we create...

We pride ourselves on our ability to listen, ask critical questions and conduct an open, honest dialogue with our clients based on reasoned debate, mutual respect, all while making the design process unique and fun.  You can depend on us for backup, anytime you need us, because no job is too big or small.


With you in mind, we believe that a strong mitigation approach is critical to achieving your objectives and meeting your needs.  Our team has substantial experience managing a full range of activities necessary to keep complex, multi-disciplinary projects firmly on track and within budget.  We challenge ourselves and one another daily, while respecting what we know will really work.



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