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Careers at Design Management Group

At DMG we're always looking for positive and motivated team members. Contact Us for availability of the following positions:

Mechanical Engineer/Designer

Plumbing Engineer/Designer

Fire Protection Engineer/Designer

Electrical Engineer/Designer

Employee Benefits

Flex Time: Choose a schedule that works for you!  Office core hours are from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM, shifts can start anywhere from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM and end from 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM.

Paid Holidays: DMG offers all employees twelve paid holidays per year including four which are floating.

Paid Time Off: DMG offers three to four weeks to start, paid time off for vacation, sick or personal.

Health Insurance: Employee's have the option to join the company group healthcare plan which includes dental.

Retirement Plan: DMG offers employee's retirement plan options with company matching.






Architects and Designers


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Air Diffusion Products

Architects are always looking for attractive lighting fixtures, but what about air diffusion fixtures?  There are more options than you might think.  Price-HVAC offers a wide range of high performance products that are efficient and look great!

Automated Interior Shading

Did you know that using interior shading solutions can significantly reduce the required HVAC supply airflow to a given space?  And when airflow is reduced, ductwork sizes are too!  That means higher ceilings and more immersive spaces. Now imagine an automated solution that tracks solar position and automatically adjusts!

Bathroom Design

Select and view plumbing fixtures in a 3D environment. Virtual Room Designer with American Standard allows you to select fixtures and see how they interact with a variety of different architectural finishes.  Once you find a combination you like, download the specifications and cut sheets to show your clients or engineers.

Equipment Screening Products

We know how much you love the look of air handling equipment and generators, but sometimes it may not completely blend into the facade! Architectural Louvers offers a range of equipment screening products to help keep your designs intact while allowing the building systems to operate efficiently.

How Big Should the Utility Rooms Be?

That's a great question and every project is different.  The University of Illinois specifies minimum requirements for their buildings based on 3 general types.  They also prescribe minimum clearances between ceilings and structures to make sure it all fits.  Although not a catch-all, it's a good guide to get you in the ballpark and see if you're on the right track at the beginning of a project.

Radiant Cooling Products

Building mechanical systems should never alter the end architectural goal of a project. Radiant cooling uses water, not air to control temperature, and it just so happens that water in a 3/4" pipe can transfer as much heat as air in a 10"x10" duct. Radiant cooling systems blend seamlessly into your building, giving you more flexibility to provide your clients with stunning results.

Water Savings Calculator

Select plumbing fixtures that are both attractive and environmentally friendly. American Standard's water savings calculator allows you to assess how much water your fixtures will save as compared to standard consumption products. Once you find products that meet your requirements, use Virtual Room designer to see how they look!

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Facilities Professionals

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Is Commissioning Worth It?

Yes, if you have the right service provider, the numbers tell the story.  The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has compiled compelling data (including cost assessments) in 2009 that still holds true today. With building performance leaning harder on control systems and technology, commissioning and retro-commissioning has never been more critical. The best part: the service can provide instantaneous payback in certain cases. In nearly every case, the financials make sense. 

Building Life Cycle Costs

Life Cycle Costs (LCC) for your building can tell you a lot.  Energy plays a big part, but so does regular maintenance and employee salaries.  The Whole Building Design Guide offers insights into how to properly assess your LCC by different cost centers.  Knowing this information can help you make important decisions that affect the physical and financial health of your facility.

Energy Cost Data

Ever wonder how much you should be paying for natural gas, electricity, propane or oil?  Luckily, you can track prices and usages by a number of different parameters with the Energy Information Administration website.  Most of the information is easily sortable and can even be exported in a number of different formats.

How Energy Efficient Is My Facility?

Tracking and maintaining energy efficiency is a big job.  Using the Environmental Protection Agency's Target Finder tool is a great way to keep tabs on your building and see how you stack up against similar facilities.  All you need is a year's worth of utility data and some basic information about your building.  After inputting your information, Target Finder will rate your performance based on national average values.

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Airside and Fan Systems

Greenheck is one of the world leaders in air movement.  As a commitment to their trade and industry, they have compiled training materials covering a wide array of topics. From fan fundamentals to advanced system design, you can find presentations and videos to help you increase the quality of your installation and keep your customers happy. Simply create a free account and you're ready to go.

Controls Made Easy

Not only does Taco do hydronics, but they also do light to major commercial controls.  Just like their equipment, the iWorx line of automation devices offers true plug and play functionality.  You can even get trained on installation and operation at the factory free of charge.  If you ever thought you couldn't provide in-house control solutions for your clients, check this product out. Also, you can design your system and generate bills of material right through your browser.

Hydronic Design Tools

Taco has been developing and innovating hydronic system design for years.  The Taco University website offers a multitude of resources to help you layout, sell and install your project.

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