May your Holidays be Happy and Bright ... and Safe.

We all love Christmas lights. We drive from neighborhood to neighborhood looking at the lights and admiring the scenery. We OH and AWE at the displays and wonder how much time did that take and the skill involved.

While we all love the lights and the season, it is one that has a great amount of safety issues, particularly with decorating. Lights need to be check and cords double checked. They shouldn't be near the ground or any source of water. The indoor lights stay indoors and the outdoor lights go outdoors and never the two shall mix. And that's just lights.... there's so many other holiday safety concerns.

When cooking, we need to be sure to keep that safe, too. Wash hands and utensils; heat and cook everything completely; use separate cutting boards for meat, chicken and/or fish, keeping it separate from produce. Refrigerate leftovers within a few hours and remember they are only good for three to four days and only if they were properly refrigerated. Bacteria builds quickly at room temperature and above.

Enjoy the lights! Enjoy the food! Enjoy the giving!

DMG wishes all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa! We thank our clients for their business, thank our staff for their hard work and wish all of us continued growth and success in 2020.

May 2020 bring you and your family Health, Happiness and Prosperity! Happy Holidays!


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